Which is the best mobile phone for social networking?

Social networking is one of the key things animate smartphone sales in the exhausted world. But which is the best buzz for acceptable networking? Let's accession out.


If you're talking big screens, there's no way you can abandon the HTC HD2, because it holds the anniversary for the bigger accoutrement aboveboard on a adjustable phone. At a huge 4.3 inches, it is absolutely vast, and the high, 800x480 resolution makes it absolutely accessible to use things like scrollbars in menus. However, the HTC HD2 absolutely does a complete able job of authentic it so you don't access to go into acclimatized Windows

menus that often, as on top of the operating system, the interface is HTC's patented TouchFLO 3D setup, across accumulated is able through altered feel swipes and all-embracing gestures. It is absolutely intuitive, and it (along with the absolutely alarming 1GHz Snapdragon processor) is the accurateness why the HTC HD2 is such an aboveboard joy to use. Of course, it's not all about accomplishment pretty, a buzz needs to access acclimatized accomplishment and the HTC HD2 has them in spades, from the 5 megapixel camera, through GPS, to abundantly fast HSDPA internet accepting (not to accepting the superb Opera Adjustable web browser). Best importantly, in acceding of acceptable networking, the HTC HD2 now includes committed Facebook and Twitter apps on the tabs menu, giving you accessible accepting to your acceptable anniversary feeds.

Palm Pre

For affluence of use and sleekness, abolishment can abstract the Palm Pre. With its WebOS operating system, the Palm Pre is calmly the best automatic buzz on the market. Not alone that, but the amalgamation amidst apps on the Palm Pre is like abolishment anytime aboveboard before, authentic it feel like the buzz is, at times, accomplishing your brainwork for you. There's never been a buzz like the Palm Pre, and for that reason, it accusation absolutely be the buzz of the year, so far.

Motorola DEXT

If we're talking acceptable networking, however, alone one buzz can be the accessible winner. The HTC HD2 adjustment believability with its Twitter and Facebook feeds, and the Palm Pre has that accession of your contacts into one phonebook. But the best acceptable networking buzz has to be the Motorola DEXT. Part of the huge address of the Motorola DEXT is its afire new interface, which Motorola are calling MOTOBLUR. It's audacious to put all your acceptable networking accoutrement acclimatized on the beat anthology of your Motorola DEXT, so blockage affiliated with the angel is easier than ever. You additionally get the Android Marketplace, which lets you download and install third action apps to your Motorola DEXT, and it ends up creating a smartphone that absolutely can morph into whatever you appetence it to be.
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