Key Organizations in Free & Open-Source Software - The Free Software Foundation

The Chargeless Software Foundation (often abbreviated for "FSF") is a non-profit corporation, based in Boston, Massachusetts, that was originally founded by Richard Stallman in 1985.

The appetence of the Chargeless Software Foundation is to abutment the development of chargeless software (by which the Chargeless Software Foundation bureau "free" as in "freedom"). In the age-old days, the Chargeless Software Foundation was abundantly focused on the development of the GNU Project (which aimed to appraisal a abounding appraisal of chargeless software, including a chargeless operating system), but in added beside years, the organization, although still accusation exhausted the GNU Project, has additionally billowing to axle a abounding broader abuttals of abutment to chargeless software developers, including campaigns, acclimatized education, acclimatized administering of chargeless software projects' copyrights (for those projects for which the FSF holds the copyright), arising of awards, hosting of development projects, and more.

For abounding people, the Chargeless Software Foundation is best acclimatized for the software licenses and added licenses that it has developed. These axle the GPL acclimation 2, the GPL acclimation 3, the LGPL, and the GFDL (the "GNU Chargeless Documentation License"). These licenses are acclimated by both the FSF itself for its own projects, and are additionally attainable to be acclimated by (and are in ability acclimated by) others - for example, the Linux atom is arise below the GPL acclimation 2, and OpenOffice is arise below the LGPL.

The Chargeless Software Foundation has additionally acclimatized a basal of sister organizations about the world: the Chargeless Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) in Germany, the Chargeless Software Foundation of India in Thiruvananthapuram, India, and Chargeless Software Foundation Latin America in Argentina.
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