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Start with obvious symptoms

Diagnosis starts first with the symptoms you observe. Only from there do you move on to more complex investigation. Let your senses be your first guide whether things are OK or something is wrong. Does your hard drive sound different than usual? Do applications seem to take longer to open than before? Do you smell something like burning rubber? Do you get a lot of dust on your fingers when you touch your PC's case? Does the Internet seem slower than usual when you download files to your computer? Does the fan make a grinding sound when you start your computer in the morning? Is Windows Error Reporting popping up more frequently than usual? Simple things like this can indicate your computer is not as healthy as it should be. They might be indications that it could possibly be about to fail or cause data loss. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should initiate a more systematic check of your PC's health, which I'll describe next.

PC Health Check's user interface is easy to use because there's only one real option. All you have to do is click the Scan button. The program very quickly scanned and identified problems on our PC. We were impressed by its findings, but then we clicked the Fix button. Instead of fixing all, or at least some, of the identified problems, we were told to call the number provided to speak to a specialist that would fix our PC's problems remotely. That didn't sit well with us. On top of that, the program installed multiple icons on our desktop without permission, and our spyware program detected a threat when we first installed the program.

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