Online Crash Analysis (OCA) - Intel(R) 82810/82815 Graphics Controllers

Listed below are several resources to help you find a solution to the error messages presented by Windows* XP Online Crash Analysis. The OCA message you see may suggest that you need to update your graphics driver as a possible solution. Additional links are provided below with further information on your particular chipset.

Common Symptoms
The system hangs and or reboots automatically, followed by one of these errors:

Error: "Your system has recovered from a serious error. Display driver for the device was unable to complete a drawing operation. Display driver for the [graphics device] seems to be responsible for the instability. Check the manufacturer for a device driver update."
Error: "The driver for the display device got stuck in an infinite loop."
Error: "0xEA - Hardware Hang"
Error: "0x8E - Access Violation"
Error: "0x50 - Memory Issue"

These types of errors indicate that the operating system has determined that the graphics driver was taking too long for an operation to complete and that the driver appears to have stopped responding. To the operating system, it appears as though the graphics driver may be stuck in an infinite loop. This sort of error only occurs in Microsoft* Windows.

Step 1: Get the final graphics driver for your chipset

Note: The Intel® 82810 and Intel® 82815 graphics controllers have entered into limited engineering support mode. Intel will continue to make existing graphics drivers available, but will no longer release updates to the graphics drivers for these products.

Download the final graphics driver

Note: This is a reference driver with generic settings and functionality that has been validated on the operating system and Intel Chipset used in your system. Some system providers modify the reference driver to add or remove certain features before validating the driver for use with their systems. Please check with your system provider to see if they have a display/graphics driver that has been customized and validated for your particular system.

Step 2: Additional troubleshooting

If you continue to see issues with the latest graphics driver, please use the following steps to further isolate the issue:

*Does the issue occur frequently or is it a random issue? If the issue always occurs when the system is performing a certain operation, such as running a particular application or game, then you might check with the software vendor or the Intel® Graphics Gaming Guide to see if there are any patches, fixes, special device settings, service packs, product updates or other such workarounds available.
When was the last time the system worked without errors? What changes were made since this time, such as driver updates, adding hardware, or installing software? You might remove the changes made (uninstall hardware or software recently added or roll back drivers to the previous version) to see if the issues go away.
Do you have the latest BIOS for your system? You might check with the motherboard manufacturer or system vendor to see if there is a BIOS update available. Newer graphics drivers rely on current system BIOS updates.
Does the issue happen when your monitor is set to a particular setting? If so, you might try to change your video resolution settings back to a standard refresh rate and color depth to see if the issues go away.

Additional Resources

The following links are additional resources that will provide valuable information for your product:

Intel® 82815 Graphics Controller (Intel® 815 Chipset Family)
Intel® 82810 Graphics Controller (Intel® 810 Chipset Family)
Intel® Graphics Gaming Guide

Operating System:
Windows 2000*, Windows XP Professional*, Windows XP Home Edition*, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition*, Windows XP Media Center Edition*
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