Encryption Protection Free Download

The Encryption Software directory includes programs that ensure data privacy. The software in this category may encrypt files. SafeHouse Explorer is free encryption security software for hard drives and memory sticks. Use this free software to keep snoopers and intruders from seeing your files.
Encryption Protection offers 128 bit encryption of sensitive files and emails.

Encrypt text files, email, web pages and binary files (-jpg, -gif, -bmp, -doc, -xls, -cls, -mp3 and -exe extension).

Decrypt files without using the software. Decrypt securely via a page on our website available 24-7. Normal file deletion removes a file's directory entry, but leaves the data contained in the file on your drive as data chunks.

The file shredder in Encryption Protection completely overwrites the contents of the file 7 times so it can never be recovered. You can even execute application through a command line. You also have the ability to save encrypted file in multiple formats

Download Encryption Protection here
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