Mozilla Released Firefox 4 Beta

After Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 9 Beta, turn Mozilla released Firefox 4 Beta. Software that is claimed to be able to access the site faster than previous versions that can be downloaded from the Mozilla site.

Mozilla said the browser can run the latest version of the JavaScript and display graphics faster. Additional applications are also fully supported so developers can quickly adjust.

This performance improvement because it supported the use of new pengompilasi JagerMonkey called JIT. Pengompilasi has been added to the Firefox JavaScript engine SpiderMonkey processing. Mozilla claims, benchmark results show that the new browser three times faster than Firefox 3.6.

Firefox 4 Beta also provide better support to the graphical processing unit (GPU) and take advantage of DirectX technologies on Windows and OpenGL on MacOS X. Firefox 4 Beta also supports WebGL, standard 3D graphics technology to carry out on site without additional plug ins.

Firefox final release of this latest new will be issued in early 2011. The next beta version will be issued before the final version.

Download Firefox 4 Beta here
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