Download MXit for Windows Mobile Phone

MXit is a next generation mobile instant messenger and social networking software application that allows someone to chat anywhere from your phone or PC for free. Someone to connect with users of Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, AIM, or Windows Live Messenger so that communication will be easier.

MXit EVO PC for Windows is all you need to stay connected to your friends, chatrooms, games and more - all from your PC. It's the same as using MXit on your mobile phone but with one or two added extras. Find your contacts fast by using the contact search bar, save your chats and share files with your friends (just drag and drop). As we said, like MXit on your mobile.

Gallery allows one to save the conversation, pictures, and items for future reference. It's also a place where someone can save emoticards Skin and sent to someone by fellow users of MXit.

Download MXit for Windows here.exe
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