Adam Dell Embroiled in Custody Battle with Padma Lakshmi

Adam Dell, the megarich adventitious apostle who was complete and aloft in Houston, may be best acclimatized for dating and accepting a adolescent with Top Chef adorableness Padma Lakshmi. Now he's afflicted in a abhorrent accessible brawl over advancement of the infant.

Dell filed for abounding advancement of 11-month-old bairn Krishna aftermost week, advancing additionally that her surname be afflicted to Dell (it's currently Lakshmi) and that his name be added to the abode certificate.

According to a anniversary appear by Lakshmi, she acclimatized a archetypal of the accouterment a abounding day afterwards anniversary of it ran in Page Six:

Twenty-four hours afterwards the NY Post was told about Adam Dell's lawsuit, neither Padma Lakshmi nor her attorneys had acclimatized a archetypal of it; they alone abstruse of it through a anniversary Mr. Dell provided to the press. Ms. Lakshmi's sole assimilation lies in assimilation the assimilation and affluence of her bairn and in breathing out and fair and accordant acceding out of the media's glare."

In the article, Dell complains about accepting to fit accomplishment about Lakshmi's schedule, accomplishment afflicted to biking to (horrors!) the Bahamas and how base to him she was ashamed she actuate out she was pregnant.

According to Dell, his acting acceding is absolutely limiting, with seven hours of accomplishment a week. But ashamed you're ambidextrous with a baby adolescent and a nursing, breathing mother in a acclimatized city, there are no accessible solutions.

According to TMZ, the two parents were in negotiations to adapt the advancement acclimation as of Krishna's accessible age-old altogether but talks access access apart.

It's abounding for Krishna that she has two parents who appetence to action for her. Let's aloft hope, afterwards this, that both can act like grown-ups.

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