New Release Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta Download Software

Recently Mozilla’s Director of Platform Engineering Damon Sicore revealed some details regarding the upcoming release of Firefox 4, up until now we have not heard much regarding a release date, however we can now confirm that Mozilla are aiming for late February.

A recent post on the Mozilla Dev Planning Google group revealed that Mozilla’s developers have been working tremendously hard on Firefox 4 and hope to reach Release Candidate status by early February, Sicore also urged beta testers to not disable major plugins such as Flash and Silverlight as any bugs found need to be filed for developers to fix.

You can watch a video introducing you to all of these new features here, I must say that it looks as if Firefox 4 will be a step in the right direction,however I think that I will be sticking with Google Chrome.

You Can Download Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta Software Click Here
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