Two Completely Different GoogleDocs Windows for the Same Account

I created an account the other day for my email address at the school I work for, and I've been having my students share their work with me on GoogleDocs. However, when I log in to GoogleDocs, it takes me to this URL -- Why are there two separate GoogleDocs main pages for the exact same address?>> Because you have a Jekyll & Hyde account - this is a long-running problem with Gdocs. The accounts are in fact separate despite having the same log-in name. Any doc shared with you will go to the ../a/.. version of the account - the Apps version. Google are aware of this problem but don't seem able to provide a sensible strategy for disentangling the accounts.

It won't sync automatically, but if you only use Google Docs for a few things here and there, it's hardly a pain: It's an insanely simple tip, and we're surprised we didn't think of it before. With just a few clicks, you can keep those cloud-based documents organized just the way you like them on your desktop. Do you have a different way of keeping your online and offline documents organized? Let us know in the comments.

Google Docs is rolling out an update that simplifies sorting through files and documents you've stored in Docs, including a handy Priority sorting—similar to Gmail's Priority Inbox—that puts your most important files at the top of the list.

You can create collections of files and share full collections with other users. Docs already had folders, so this isn't a huge change. The difference:

If you're a heavy Docs user, you'll appreciate the new filters, which narrow down items by sharing status, ownership, and collection. There's also the new Priority sorting:

Last but not least, the new details pane on the left of the screen gives thumbnail previews of your files, sharing information, and a look at the collections it's included in.

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