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After a adjustment of ceremony updates, Apple has taken its time over the latest beforehand to its iLife package, but has it been anniversary the wait, and should you beforehand to the new iLife 11 over the iLife 09 you've allegedly been using? We've been amphitheatre with the software to accession out.

If you've yet to accessory or use Apple iLife, it is a accumulating of bristles applications geared appear sorting, organising, and creating your multimedia life. iLife 11 is artificial up of iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb, and iDVD. iPhoto lets you adjustment your images, iMovie creates home movies, GarageBand lets you achieve music or podcasts, and iWeb websites. iDVD is for afire DVDs.


Rather than focus on specific photo enhancing elements or giving you greater cropping and image manipulation options, Apple has focused on allowing you to access and use your images to greater affect for iLife 11.

Once uploaded you can track who has commented on the story as well as see their comments. You are also able to manage your photo albums; dragging and dropping images to and from the albums while all the time the software (as long as you are on) is syncing between the two. If you like Facebook and use a Mac this is going to make a big difference.

Elsewhere on the sharing front you now get the ability to send emails directly from within the program - however you must have set-up Apple's Mail application with your email details regardless of whether you use a third party package like Outlook from Microsoft. As the feature suggests you don't actually have to use Mail, just know your email account details to get the feature running.

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