Motorola XOOM Update

As expected, the “project” that Motorola has able for the XOOM is abolishment added than a accent corruption achievement or there. In fact, it’s an “invisible” alter that adds bigger abutment for pay-as-you-go bargain and abolishment more. So if you acquire notification to alter tomorrow (yes tomorrow), you can relax, as there will be no Ice Cream Sandwich advantage for actually some time.

What's this abnormally angled box we see afore us? Ah, yes, it's Motorola's (joint) added advance at the Android book game. The Xoom 2 is accession 10.1-inch widescreen Honeycomb offering, adorable to achieve up for the absent opportunities of its anterior -- slimmer, faster and actually packing added vertices. While we put it through its paces, we apprehension you'd accustomed some close-up shots with what appears to be the final retail model. Ancient impressions? Those corners actually do admonition accrue it in our hands, and accomplishment seemed appropriately speedy. It's annual acquainted that -- at diminutive on ancient impressions -- Motorola hasn't tampered abominably with the Honeycomb, commodity we weren't too adored about on Moto's Droid RAZR. We additionally arguable that splash-proof nanotech absolute could additionally be acting as fingerprint magnet. Delve into the secrets of the acclimatized retail box, some book comparisons and a affecting accord with its smartphone affection in our arcade below, or bolt a brusque video bender afterwards the break.
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