Lil Mouse Get Smoked

This is what its come to huh? A rapper named Lil Mouse. This lil kid is on the new Lil Wayne mix tape. Nice. I never heard of the boy til he was trending on twitter though. And now….

I guess this is what Lupe was scared of with Chief Keef, a generation of young killers influenced by some other blind MF. A little kid talking about “Get Smoked.” Funny enough (if there is anything funny), this boy is from Chicago, which also bred Chief Keef. I wonder if Kanye, Pusha and the crew will lend a helping hand like Weezy? Enable him to spread his message all over the place?

Known as “Lil Mouse,” the baby-faced rapper repeatedly drops “F” and “N” bombs in a music video that glorifies sex, drugs and violence. Chicago is undoubtly under the microscope in hip-hop. With the success of young rappers like Chief Keef, Rockie Fresh, King L. and more.

“This warrants an investigation,” said Che “Rhymefest” Smith, a Chicago rapper who ran a spirited but unsuccessful campaign for alderman in the 20th Ward.

“This has clearly crossed over into child pornography when you have a 13-year-old child rapping about sex and about violence and drug selling. “We find that artists who glorify death in Chicago are being rewarded,”

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