Amber Alert - Florida Smartphone Review

The Hollywood and thousands of other smartphone owners in had suddenly become acquainted with the latest way local, state and federal authorities are spreading the word about local emergencies. In Florida, the Amber Alerts will still be issued by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement through emails and social media, among other means. But now the agency also will alert the national center so they can send out the wireless messages, said agency spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger. The messages, transmitted through local cellphone towers, can be sent to a specific location, meaning even a person visiting South Florida from another state will receive the alert. Customers may opt out of the alerts by changing their settings or calling their service provider. Alerts from the president, however, can't be declined, according to FEMA, which administers the program. Monday's early morning Amber Alert in Florida became a widely discussed topic through social media, with many still confused over what they had received. Some supported it; others bemoaned being awakened in a panic.
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