Technology In 2013

Movie’s especially cashing in on re-releases thanks to 3D. 3D these days has actually come very far, becoming a huge mainstream element that provides users with a whole new level of interaction or immersion if you prefer. It is predicted that come 2013 and 2014, 3D will be everywhere, at hockey games, football games, soccer games, smart phones and so much more. We are already seeing the 3D Televisions hitting the market. Now this is awesome! Check out the video, which talks about film based touch sensors making an entrance in smartphones and the tablet market. This uses roll to roll mesh technology and provides users with a ultra high-performance alternative to the existing touch sensors we have now. Xbox 720 We got loads of rumors on this one, but a leaked microsoft document talks about a 2013 launch date – how wonderfully convenient. This image apparently shows the new Microsoft Xbox 720 Durango dev kit. This new machine will offer some serious changes in graphical power. The Xbox 720, codenamed will be powered by a state-of-the-art IBM Power PC CPU, featuring 16 cores, alongside a Radeon HD 7000-series graphics card…well, at least we hope it will! Source : Gadget 2013
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