Nintendo 2DS Launching Oct. 12

It's hard not to review the Nintendo 2DS -- launching Oct. 12 for $130 -- without seeming a bit puzzled. Forget that there's no 3-D capability (hence the 2DS name). This version of Nintendo's popular handheld ditches the clamshell design. So, instead of opening and closing the handheld as you would with 3DS and earlier DS models, the 2DS arrives with a slate form factor. Nintendo offered a demo of the 2DS recently, featuring several games includingMario Kart, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. While the 2DS retains the same dual screens, the device feels lighter and thinner. Also, will most 3DS games work just as well in 2-D only? Nothing would be more frustrating than buying a 3DS game for 2DS and learning that extra dimension would prove very useful in having a positive experience. At $130, the 2DS could prove a huge seller for Nintendo, targeting customers seeking an affordable video game option for themselves or their kids. Based on my brief experience, the 2DS design doesn't seem to detract from the great selection of DS and 3DS titles available.
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