Payday 2 Launch Date August 13

Payday 2, which was originally slated for a release yesterday, 13 August, has been pushed back to 16 August, due to an error in shipping over at 505 Games. Evidently, shipping a product the day it's supposed to be on shelves is not the best idea. The launch trailer opens to a camera panning through a world frozen in time -- groceries are suspended in midair as a bystander drops the package; and police officers run for cover and return fire. Shattered glass is seen suspended in the frozen sequence as the camera pans toward an escalation of violence as police SWAT teams are seen in frame before the camera pans to a bullet frozen in air, passing through various scenes of a heist. “Payday 2” involves players and their team executing bank heists and robberies. The enhanced game introduces a new mission interface called Crimenet, which will affect how players unlock missions throughout the game.
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