iOS 7.0.4 Apple’s new update

It's now, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners will be dealing with iOS 7.0.4, an update that rolled out last week. We’ve already offered our initial thoughts on the performance of iOS 7.0.4 on the iPad 3 and now, after spending quality time with the software, it’s time to take a close look at Apple’s new iOS 7 update. In late October, Apple rolled out a much needed iOS 7.0.3 update to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners. Those two issues prompted Apple to promise an iOS 7.0.3 update. So many owners were hopeful that iOS 7.0.3 would fix their issues. Apple’s update came with a ton of fixes and represented the biggest update to iOS 7 to date. However, as we pointed out, it left lingering issues and soon after, users were campaigning for an iOS 7.0.4 or iOS 7.1 update.
We’ve already taken a look at the iOS 7.0.4 for iPhone 5 in particular and now, it’s time to take another close look at the performance of iOS 7.0.4 on Apple’s third-generation iPad, the iPad 3. Netflix and Chrome have both been giving me issues in iOS 7. Overall though, I haven’t run into any other stability issues with apps in iOS 7.0.4. iOS updates have, in the past, delivered battery life issues to all sorts of devices and from what we’re hearing, iOS 7.0.4 is no different. While the complaints haven’t been as loud as they were when iOS 7 was first released, there are still those claiming that iOS 7.0.4 and iOS 7.0.3 hurt their overall battery life. We heard a ton of complaining after iOS 7.0.2 and iOS 7.0.3 arrived but the complaints about iOS 7.0.4 are far softer. To me, that points to this iOS 7 update being the most stable one yet. Without a solid connection, a media device like the iPad is useless so iPad users are always curious about how connectivity holds up from iOS update to iOS update. After installing iOS 7, the operating system was no longer smooth. To me, the lag represents the worst part of iOS 7 and I’m hopeful that iOS 7.1 solves the issue.
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