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Internet. An anti-spyware program is a specific application designed to fight against spyware, adware threats and other kinds of parasites. It scans a computer, detects security and privacy risks and completely removes them from the system. Different spyware removers have different features and functions, use different detection and removal techniques and approaches, they can be similar to each other or may have absolutely nothing in common. The only thing that unites them is the purpose - to find and eliminate pests and clean up a compromised system.

It is promoted via Trojan that pretends to be a legitimate Microsoft Security Essentials Alert. The fake alert states that Microsoft Security Essentials has found an unknown Win32 Trojan. Then it will supposedly find another threat Trojan.Horse.Win32.PAV.64.a. In order to remove this threat you will be promoted to install Palladium Antivirus. If you choose to install this rogue program, your computer will reboot and after the reboot your will see the fake Palladium Pro screen with an option to start your computer in safe mode. And finally, you will see Palladium Pro scanner. It will pretend to scan your computer for viruses. It will find numerous infections and then prompt you to buy some sort of low-level modules to remove the infections from your computer. Please do not purchase Palladium Pro. This program is a scan. If you find that your computer is infected with this rogue program, please use the removal guide below to remove Palladium Pro as soon as possible using an automatic removal tool.

Palladium Pro is running, it will display fake security alerts saying that your computer is not protected. It will also block other programs on your computer to protect itself from being removed. To remove this rogue program, please restart your computer and press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open Windows task manager when you are presented with the Palladium Pro start screen. Do not click on any of the buttons, "Normal startup" or "Safe startup". Then click on the Processes tab and end palladium.exe process. Now click on the File menu and select New Task (Run...) from the menu. Type explorer.exe into the Open: field and press the OK button. After a minute or so you should be back at your Windows desktop. Download the removal tool given below and run a full system scan. Remove Palladium Pro and any related malware from your computer.

You Can Download Anti Spyware Palladium Pro Software Click Here
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