Who Owns This Number? 775-562-0197 Result Information

Got a call from 775-562-0197 Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Did you get a call from 775-562-0197 Read the posts below to find out details about this number. Also report unwanted calls to help.

I just received this called and googled the area code and found this posting. Crazy! I haven't followed up by calling it back. I was using google gmail to call y phone and this number called me...wondering if k google leaked my number? anyone else use gmail to make calls?

Thank you so much for this information. I have been expecting an IMPORTANT call and was unsure if this was the party I was expecting or some B.S. thingee like it appears to be. So again, thank you very much for the research. I was called from 775-562-0197 in Spanish. Said I was the 10th caller.
You say that you called and got your number removed, but I did press 1 just to talk to someone, and he immediately asked for my info. I refused. I wanted my number removed from their system.

He said yes, what is your number. I gave it to him, only to find out he was going to say that he entered a note for me to be called 60 times a day, and then laughed at me and hung up. AT&T said there is nothing they can do, other than change my number if this comes to happen.

Hello everyone, yes I know who because I kept the creeps on the phone for over 55 minutes to find out, but to give you the goods now… it is all about TIMESHARES. To begin with, the area code is (775) Las Vegas which is only one of several "calling stations" this company uses. As it and the originating company are outside Canada, they do not have to adhere to Canadian laws on call restrictions, even if your on the DO NOT CALL LIST. As a side note, That list is available to anyone who signs in as a company, PERIOD so it is not of much use unless your being called by a Canadian company in Canada.

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