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Page layout software for design and publishing professionals. Includes information on current builds of QuarkXPress. QuArK is a powerful editor for games based on or similar to id Software's series of Quake games.

Move freely through the application using the modern, intuitive interface of QuarkXPress® 8.
Share print content across media with built–in Web and Flash® authoring tools.
Maintain control to create stunning text with designer–driven typography.
Work faster and smarter with native Illustrator® file import and Photoshop® support; improved picture, illustration, and text tools; fully customizable hanging characters; advanced baseline grids, and more.
Publish globally with dictionaries and hyphenation for more than 30 languages; using a single file format, open and print a project created anywhere in the world with QuarkXPress 8; and define high–fidelity East Asian layouts and typography.

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