Sprint Kyocera Echo Mobile Phone Tools 2011

The phone, which runs on Google Inc.'s Android software, uses a pivot hinge that allows one screen to be tucked under the other, transforming it into a more conventional touch-screen phone.

Sprint is hoping the Echo's unique design will drum up more attention for the company's products and services at a time when the carrier needs more high-end devices to replace its two marquee phones: the Evo, made by HTC Corp. of Taiwan, and the Epic, made by Samsung Electronics Co. of South Korea. The Evo and Epic are beginning to show their age at a time when most smartphones have a shelf life of only a few months.

Sprint's largest advantage—its fourth-generation wireless service—has been steadily evaporating as the company's rivals begin to trumpet their own speedy next-generation wireless services. Last year, Sprint rode the success of the Evo 4G and the Epic, which were touted as the only 4G phones in the market. The two devices were critical to the company turning around its contract-subscriber losses.

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