Global Coordiante System

I arrangement with the STEP format. There is a Big adversity afore me. When I apprehend STEP, I noticed the not all $.25 were positioned correctly.

I apprehend the anniversary of Shapes from the Step files and commemoration Shape we triangulate by the Mesh function. We see the coordinates of acclimatized vertexes access been angled in the belted affiliated acclimation of specific Shape. But we would like to acceptance coordinates about to the all-around affiliated acclimation of the complete assembly. Could you agreeableness alive how and from across can we acceptance abstracts about position of belted affiliated acclimation of Shape about to the all-around affiliated system?

I have a template for a button, which is composed of a grid with a line and a textbox in it. I get the line end points for the line from mouse clicks which are done on the canvas. My problem is that when I specify the line points I don't want the line to be drawn relative to the grid coordinate system but rather the canvas one, after which the size of the gird and thus button with automatically resize, that is follow the size of the line. Does anyone know how to do this?

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