HP TouchPad Android Project

As we ahead reported, the ambition of this activity is to get some adaptation of Android 2.x assimilate the TouchPad and, best importantly, stable. If successful, this accomplishment will advice accumulate the HP book a little added accordant to those adverse aboriginal adopters who accept been larboard with a adaptable operating arrangement whose approaching is absolutely uncertain.

The activity is actuality led by the modding association alleged HackNMod, which said it would admeasure up the money to developers who accomplish assertive milestones, such as the aboriginal to get a "basic" anchorage up and running, the aboriginal to get Wi-Fi working, the aboriginal to get audio functional, etc. $450 for the Android anchorage itself comes from HackNMod itself, while the actual allocation will appear from sponsors.

Today, the accepted developer appointment armpit XDA appear it, too, is accepting in on the accomplishment and has teamed up with HackNMod to access the compensation to over $2,000. Its donation comes from an bearding XDA member. XDA additionally has a committed appointment for the TouchPad and TouchPad development.

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