Sony PlayStation 4 app for Android, iOS System

PlayStation App has potential, but, as with most products released in a new console's launch window, its current state is ho-hum. Developer supports and software updates will no doubt do wonders, and we'll be sure to revisit this review. For now, however, PlayStation App is a decent, if unspectacular, messaging and navigation tool. This companion app is actually a replacement for the previous, relatively useless PlayStation app, and it offers a handful of cool features such as messaging, shopping, and second-screen functionality. PlayStation App (Android) Sony PlayStation 4 PlayStation App's interface has been redesigned to match the PlayStation 4's aesthetic. Gamers can use PlayStation App to tap the PlayStation Store for game and movie purchases. Additionally, PlayStation app users can input text into dialog boxes such as username and password areas. PlayStation App may prove a trolling device in the wrong hands; unfortunately, we couldn't find an option in PlayStation 4 that would prevent a PlayStation App user from taking over.
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