PS4 vs Xbox One Upgrade

In a week's time Microsoft fires back with the launch of the Xbox One. The revelation that two cross-platform launch titles - Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts - both feature higher resolution graphics on the PS4 than Xbox One, has played to Sony's favour. Titanfall Sci-fi shooter Titanfall - created by a team of ex-Call of Duty developers - is a highly anticipated Xbox One title But at this point the Xbox's exclusive games, including Forza Motorsport and Titanfall, are creating more positive buzz on tech sites than Sony's Killzone Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son. Continue reading the main story “ Brian Crecente Never before has gaming had two such stand-out consoles to choose from” Brian Crecente, Polygon This month marks the beginning of a new generation of gaming. Where Sony's PlayStation 4 delivers an intensely focused gaming machine, Microsoft's Xbox One promises an entertainment hub, a system just as capable of controlling your cable box as it is delivering a new game for you to play. Continue reading the main story News editor at video games news and reviews website Polygon Daniel Kaplan, Mojang Microsoft has said that every standard Xbox One will work as a dev kit at some point, however not from launch. Continue reading the main story Business developer at Stockholm-based games developer Mojang The firm has sold about 45 million copies of its most famous game Minecraft, which has yet to launch on the PlayStation platform Anand Shimpi, AnandTech Both firms have licensed the same GPU (graphics processing unit) architecture, but Sony's chip has 1152 "cores" compared to Microsoft's 768. The real question is whether this translates into a substantially better gaming experience. AnandTech At worst you'll see parity between the two consoles, but at best you'll see developers give PS4 versions of cross-platform games a slight edge. Sony appears to have built the faster gaming machine, while Microsoft has built a system that might appeal to a broader audience and perhaps consume less power. Margaret Robertson, Hide&Seek When the PS3 and Xbox 360 launched, there was no iPhone or Android. Gaming was owned, overwhelmingly, by Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. TV games are public - everyone else in the house can see that you're playing and what you're playing. Long, spectacular play sessions means it's worth scheduling with friends to play online. New York-based president of Hide&Seek, a video games developer Previously acted as a consultant to several console games developers and edited Edge magazine Apple now owns gaming in a way that the big console manufacturers used to. We're used to private, short-session, interstitial, soundless games. How can console games capitalise? More short games. More weird games. More games that people can play together on the sofa. If I walk in to the room, can I walk into your game, too? Last time the console giants brought out new machines, they're challenge was: "Can we turn people who aren't gamers into gamers?" Smartphone and tablet games are more often than not about shorter play sessions and free-to-play business mechanics and thus appeal to a more casual gamer. On console, you have three major players in Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. The banner games on the Xbox One and PS4 will be the big budget action-oriented titles: the Call of Dutys and Grand Theft Autos of the world. Michael French Publisher of MCV, a video games news magazine targeted at those working in the industry MCV FREE DownloAD xbox one ps4 game upgrade
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