Apps Ready for iOS 4.2

The iPad's ticket to multitasking freedom better known as iOS 4.2 has moves past the beta phase and onto GM, which means retail. with Android Honeycomb, dual-core Tegra 2, and 8.9-inch screen. 18 hours ago. iOS 4.2 goes gold, available now to developers (updated). 2 days ago. Apple sues Motorola right back over six patents. 4 days ago. The PlayStation Phone: new photos, more details. Image from deanostetto Apple's new iOS 4.2 GM comes with a few additional changes. The multitasking bar now adds both Volume and Brightness controls for fast access. We're hesitant to read too much into this just yet, but there has been one interesting change in iOS 4.2 noted first by a tech company in Southern California. The new MobileMe account setup in iOS 4.2 GM (left) allows you to log into MobileMe settings using an Apple ID. All the iOS 4.2 devices will be adding two marquee features: Air Print for remote printing via a networked Mac or compatible HP hardware, and Air Play to hand off video playback to the iOS-based Apple TV. iOS 4.2 has officially gone golden master and has been seeded to developers for final testing before its release to throngs of iPad owners. On its developer portal, Apple posted a message Monday asking developers to get their apps ready for iOS 4.2.

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