Paris in Halloween Desktop Wallpaper

This year, we're arranging our wallpaper images a little differently. The various Halloween wallpapers are now divided up by theme, and viewable on separate pages so you can quickly find what you're looking for. This page will be the main archive page, listing the various Halloween wallpaper themes, showing graphic representations of the kinds of wallpaper with each theme, and links to each of them. Each themed page also links to its corresponding widescreen wallpaper page for those of you with widescreen monitors. Also on this page, below the theme links, are some older archived Hallowen backgrounds from previous years. You can download those right from this page.

In addition, we recommend you bookmark and share this page so you can easily find us again next year. Each year, new wallpaper is added. We'd really appreciate it if you let others know about us too by Tweeting it or sharing on any of the services below.

Windows Instructions: When the Halloween background has finished loading, put the cursor on top of the image, hold down the right mouse button and select "Set as wallpaper" or "Set as background" on newer versions of Windows.

Macintosh Instructions :
When the Halloween-themed picture has finished loading, hold down the mouse button until a pop-up menu appears allowing you to "download image to disk." When the image is saved, you will use the Appearance Control Panel to set it as a desktop picture.

Download Halloween Desktop Wallpaper here
Download ALTools Halloween Destkop here
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