Printer indicator light blinks Download iP Tool Resetter Canon Pixma ip1980

Have a Pixma printer is probably many of us feel disappointed because it has been bought, True this printer limited to a certain extent, so if you've reached the limit that has been accumulated is the printer will stop printing with other words BLINGKING and inevitably you have to take him to Service Center to fix it!

Imagine when you really need a printer engine can run well, your printer crashes, occurred BLINK! That was lucky because they still can diservice fashion, more unfortunately again the printer kept jamming-BLINKING each would be used. All the data of your efforts in vain because they can not be printed today.

Fix yourself a damaged printer "Waste ink tank full" CanonType I / Ip series
Damage classic for Canon brand printers are die-total, the printer light flashes green and orange alternately, when print crashed and took out the message "Waste ink tank full". This type of damage is mostly the same, and the cause because the waste ink container "shaped cork "has saturated" waste ink tank full ". For the type of printer canon waste ink reservoir is composed only of cork is usually placed at the bottom of the computer. With the technology flow system or printer term in infusion, made easy in the charging of ink. without fear of again running out of ink while printing. Sometimes ink is not flowing, or ink to flow but do not remove the ink print head. The solution to this is usually by doing a head cleaning through maintenance. Actually, by doing cleaning print head we've sucked the ink and if excessive will be in the waste in the reservoir.

If damage has occurred, steps should we take is to reset the printer (the term). The purpose is to reset the printer to remove information about existing conditions in the printer, including the "waste ink full TNK". Resets the printer there are two methods: manually and programmatically. For Canon printer I / Ip series requires both (manual and software)
How to manuals for Canon printer IP 1880 / 1980:

• Unplug the power cord while simultaneously pressing the power button
• After the power cord unplugged fixed in position before pressing the power button
• Then, plug the power cord back into the printer (fixed position of pressing the power button the printer)
• Then the power light is green living, then press the resume button is colored orange (alternately press the power button and press the resume button)
• After pressing the resume button and then release
• Press the power button again
• Then release the button power.
The move is a temporary reset the printer (unplug the power when problems arise again), and detected as new hardware. For resolve once and for all needs in permanent reset by software,
Similarly for the series or other brand also the same principle, differing perhaps only step and software only.

Hope can help you trouble especially for you who do not know about at the time erorr print.

Download Resetter Canon Pixma ip1980 here.rar
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