Connect to Xbox Live with Windows 7 Support

XBConnect is software that runs on your PC and will let you play Microsoft Xbox games and Sony PSP games with players from around the world. Imagine plugging your Xbox or PSP into a LAN that went around the planet. Thats what we do for you. You dont have to pay for expensive online gaming services anymore. Gone are the days of being stuck with career modes. If you got a PC, broad band internet and a game console, then all you need is XBConnect. So what are you waiting for? Get XBConnect and get your Xbox and PSP online today!How to Connect an Xbox to a Computer to Transfer Data. Connecting a PC to your XBOX so the two will be linked.The built in Access Control List (ACL) feature allows you to easily limit which Xbox 360s can connect to your Mac. It gets even easier, Connect360 can nowXbox game consoles can be connected wirelessly to a Wi-Fi network router. Follow these instructions to set up the Xbox for wireless home networking. For the best sound, we recommend connecting the Xbox to an audio receiver or surround sound system. Only optical and coaxial audio cables. Mod you XBOX to turn it into a fully funcional PC with up to 137 GB HDD Linux and Media Player for all reagion DVD DivX XviD DVD-R. Describes how to connect an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller to your Xbox 360 console or to your computer. Just thought I'd show you how to connect your computer's speakers to your xbox seeing as many people use their computer monitors to game. Hey everyone, I'm bewildered. Just last weekend before New Year's my friend came from out of town right after I got my new XBOX 360. We connected the XBOX. There are two builds of XBConnect. One has skins for different visual appearances and the other version is a standard Windows. For low to mid range PCs, we suggest you get the skinless version. For high end PCs, you can use either.

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