New Editing Audio With Pro Tools Mbox Family

Avid has made major news with their announcement of Pro Tools 9 software. They have redefined their industry leading audio production platform with a completely Pro Tools 9 features such as Automatic Delay Compensation, EUCON integration, and full track count and routing access will allow all levels of users Learn about Pro Tools |HD Native at this special Pro Tools Users Group webinar including a presentation and question & answer session brought to you Leveraging a next-generation architecture, version 9 of Pro Tools offers customers the unprecedented choice to work with Avid audio interfaces, third Customers can design their workflow of choice using the new Pro Tools software-only configuration with their favorite Avid or third-party audio interface EUCON support—Delivers more hands-on mixing options to customers using the new Pro Tools software offering or Pro Tools|HD systems with the ability to deeplI was considering to buy an mbox to use logic for some mixing or mastering (to get the "pro tools sound" from PT mix engine, to b able to use some RTAS only plugins like In school we use both Logic and Pro Tools. We haven't touched Logic yet. We're learning PT at the moment. Imagine my surprise when I found out PT LE can't freeze I know not everyone is going to care about the Pro Tools world here, but I am certified in both Logic and Pro Tools.

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