IT Management with SAS IT Intelligence

Delivering performance management, capacity planning and intelligence for virtual and physical infrastructures. SAS IT Intelligence is a comprehensive solution that helps you optimize IT resources to support strategic business goals. It provides powerful tools to anticipate and align the right mix of IT systems, whether they are physical, virtual or cloud resources, to meet business demands. The solution also enables the assessment of IT performance and costs across your infrastructure. Organizations can then allocate costs at the facility, division, departmental or activity level and choose programs to recover those costs. Assess availability, forecast demand and infrastructure requirements, and report on metrics to deploy the right IT resources at the right time.SAS IT Charge Management Calculate utilization costs for IT resources by different business units, geographies, headcount or other methods.

The limitations of prior stress testing frameworks, and the unprecedented adverse impact of the financial crisis, have highlighted the need for a new comprehensive stress testing framework that will allow organizations to aggregate information across the firm and to assess vulnerability to interrelated events across all risk and asset types. This white paper shows how SAS® High-Performance Computing for stress testing addresses many of the past difficulties that firms experienced with firmwide stress testing and has a flexible infrastructure that lets organizations adapt to future requirements as they evolve.

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