JavaFX also supports Swing components

I know Flex pretty good but also started to use Java FX. I am a little bit confused. Java FX seems to focus more on low level drawing operations and animations. Less on creating standard UIs like Flex.

So is JavaFX more like Flash than Flex?

On the other side JavaFX also supports Swing components as well as data binding, which makes it appear more like Flex.

At the JavaOne conference currently taking place in San Francisco, Oracle has announced that version 2.0 of JavaFX, the development platform for Rich Internet Applications (RIA) launched by Sun in 2007, is now scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2011. Oracle has said that all JavaFX controls available at that time will, with this version, become available as open source code. Which open source licence Oracle will use remains an open question.

The mobile variant of the RIA technology appears to have been put on hold for the time being. Apparently JavaFX Script, the scripting language for programming JavaFX applications, will be discontinued. In future, the RIA framework will use the Java API instead of the scripting language. One of the advantages of this move could be that languages such as Groovy or Scala, which work on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), will become available for programming JavaFX applications.

Download Java FX here.exe
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