Virtualization to Desktop Mobile Platforms Citrix Xen

First announced more than a year and a half ago, Citrix has finally released a 1.0 version of its inaugural client hypervisor. Citrix XenClient 1.0 narrows the gap between offline and online virtual desktops and extends the benefits of desktop virtualization to mobile platforms by increasing flexibility for users and improving security and control for IT.

Originally known as Project Independence, XenClient is a high-performance, bare-metal or Type-1 hypervisor that runs directly on the client device hardware, dividing up the resources of the machine and enabling multiple operating systems to run side-by-side in isolation. As you might expect, XenClient is based on the 64-bit version of the Xen hypervisor. Citrix is officially supporting client VMs running 32-bit Windows XP and Vista as well as 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.

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Download Citrix XenDesktop here.exe
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