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Hi. How can i use windows life messenger on my bb with having my bb service activated?RIM is prepping up a lot of goodies this year including new devices with higher specs and hopefully one day QNX OS on mobiles. Their ace in the hole is BlackBerry Messenger. Now being BlackBerry users, we all should be pretty familiar with it. BBM is loved by BBM users, and often tried copied but never duplicated by other platforms and developers. RIM is looking to take BBM to another level with BBM 6.

Some of the features of BBM 6 so far include:

The ability to play games and use your BBM user name as your gamer name
Cross chats between users over BBM (and it looks like you and the other parties playing don’t have to be on each other friends list)
Also, when we complete tasks on these new games our status will change to show what task we completed (sounds like its similar to the “show what i am listening to tab” and will probably have an option to share with your BBM contacts or hide it from your contacts)
It also seems like on BBM6, BBM groups will be able to handle more members
The new BBM6 will be supported on all devices running OS 5+ (at least for now)
Looks like a mobile game developer company by the name of “Gamemachi” is working on game(s) for this new BBM6 platform. I wonder who else will be joining them?

This seems to be pretty big news from RIM, taking social networking and gaming to another level. We can probably expect to see more at BlackBerry World in Orlando Fl this May. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hopefully we will find some more information out in the next month of two. I’m hoping these leaked details we see so far are accurate, but they do remain rumors until we see or hear more on this. Also, let’s see a leak for BBM 6 come out! I wouldn’t mind seeing it hit BlackBerry Beta Zone either!

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